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We offer storage and insurance solutions for fur and leather outerwear, accessories, shoes, and home décor. Our vaults are temperature and humidity controlled for optimal preservation and you can rest assured that your furs are safe with us as we fully insure all articles in our possession. You may love to be warm, but your furs don’t! Exposure to warm temperatures or dry environments will damage fur. This can cause the leather part of the hide to crack or rip. To prevent this damage, it’s highly recommended to store your furs during the summer months or anytime they are not in use.


Have an outdated fur coat you no longer wear? We can restyle it into a more contemporary garment or pillows or a blanket – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!. Our in-house Furriers are experts at restyling and repurposing previously loved fur garments. We’re also skilled at creating custom fur garments and accessories. Morris Furs will work with you to design something that fits your personal style and budget. Contact us for a quote today!

Trade-Ins: similar to trading in your previously loved car. We accept fur garments as a trade-in when wanting to dispose of your previously loved garment.



Overtime, furs may rip, tear, become bald, or completely fall apart. Our in-house team of Furriers are experts at repairing delicate furs to restore them to their original condition.


Tip: Stop damage before it starts by taking care of your fur on a regular basis. This includes properly storing your furs when not in use and having them cleaned professionally. We take care of both!


Oil and dirt build up on fur overtime leaving it dull and matted. Our cleaning process uses organic products that help revive the shine of your fur garment, keeping it looking new. With delicate older fur items we hand clean the entire garment. Since our process uses organic NOT petroleum based products we clean many faux fur items as well!




We also provide for a fee appraisals for insurance replacement and cash value.
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