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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell my size?

Because of the nature of fur garments, sizing can vary greatly between different styles. If you are unsure about a size, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you. You can also visit one of our physical locations to try on a fur garment. Just give us a call in advance so we can confirm the location the garment is available at. If you love a fur garment and it’s not a perfect fit, don’t worry! Our skilled furrier can help you with custom tailoring the fur so it fits you just right.


How long does it take for a custom made piece?

It will take approximately 4 – 6 weeks for a made to measure fur garment. If you are interested in a custom made fur, please contact us and our furriers will be happy to assist you.


How often should fur be cleaned?

If the fur is being worn regularly we recommend having it professionally cleaned once a year. If the fur is only being worn occasionally it should be professionally cleaned every two years. To find out more about our fur cleaning services please contact us.


Can I clean my fur coat at home?

We do not recommend cleaning your fur on your own as you risk permanently damaging the garment. We specialize in a refined cleaning process tailored for fur coats. If you believe your fur needs cleaned please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 


How long does it take to clean a fur coat?

As fur garments are cleaned one at a time and almost the entire process is completed by hand, we estimate approximately 3 weeks for a fur garment to be cleaned.


Is fur warm?

Fur is one of the warmest insulators, which is why it’s so highly used in winter wear. Certain fur types are warmer than others, however, any fur will keep you toasty warm during those cold winter months. Long haired beaver and sheepskin are known to be two of the warmest fur types available. Fur fashion offers far more warmth while still being comfortable and stylish. In addition, the fur your fur coat is made of diverts the air; this effect improves the coat’s insulation potential. Fur holds in body heat much better than other types of winter coats. This is what fur is innately designed to do.


Can fur be recycled?

In addition to lasting a very long time, fur can be recycled an infinite amount of times as long as the skins remain in good condition. This means a fur coat can be restyled to match modern trends or event repurposed into a fur blanket or pillow. The possibilities are endless! Contact us to learn more about restyling or repurposing your previously owned fur garments.


Is fur a sustainable resource?

We believe in sustainable fashion and protecting the environment. Fur is one of the most sustainable clothing materials because it is biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. Read more about the sustainability of fur fashion here.

Do you buy furs?

We are not purchasing furs at this time but we will accept previously owned furs as trade-ins towards the purchase of a new garment. We can also restyle or repurpose the fur into a pillow, a blanket, etc. Please

contact us to learn more.


I have a previously owned fur coat, what can I do with it?

We can repurpose your previously owned fur garment into something more practical such as a throw pillow or fur blanket. Our expert furriers can also work with you to restyle the fur garment into a more modern style. Another option is to trade it in towards the purchase of a new garment. Contact us and our team will be happy to help you explore the options. 


I don't know what kind of fur I have, will you tell me?

Of course! Send pictures of your garment to and we will identify it.


Do your offer appraisals?

Yes, but for insurance purposes only. We do not offer cash value appraisals. If you need an insurance appraisals please contact us.


Will you work with coats that are not purchased from your store?

Yes! We will repair, restyle, repurpose, and store all fur garments regardless of where they were purchased.


Do you clean taxidermied animals?

Fur or feathers, we are able to clean any taxidermied animals including bear skin rugs and mounted pieces.

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