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About Us


In 1942, Morris & Rachel Millmud began creating luxury fur pieces for the world. Over the past 80 years, Morris Furs has become the most important name in fur in Canada. The people, the products, and the service behind Morris Furs is what has brought it to where it is today.


In 1999, when the family made the decision to retire, a new family lead by the Tzanidis brothers purchased the store to carry on the tradition. As fur manufacturers from Montreal, the three Tzanidis brothers brought extensive knowledge of the fur industry and the capacity to create custom pieces for customers. In 2007 Morris Furs became a partner with the national retailer Hudson’s Bay, which provided Morris Furs a national retail presence. In addition we have a global e-commerce presence - a fun fur shopping experience at


As a family-owned business, we strongly believe in honouring the heritage of the Canadian fur trade and promoting the movement towards sustainable fashion. You can read more about our commitment to sustainability here.

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